This new concept in urban mobility “TOYOTA i-ROAD”
combines the potential of both cars and motorbikes.
Based on the future of urban transport,
we have worked to ensure next generation performance
in terms of driving, size and environmental performance.

  • It’s Just Like Skiing!
    The more you drive the better it gets
    The left and right front wheels move up and down independently synchronized in response to the driver’s steering, and the vehicle automatically selects the optimal lean angle when cornering. You can enjoy the refreshing sense of being one with the machine.
  • The ultra compact size makes city roads feel wider The ultra compact “i-ROAD” is 870mm wide enabling ease of handling in confined spaces. It can run without using the entire lane on crowded urban roads, and it only needs a parking space of half or even a quarter that of a normal car.
  • For the convenience of a motorbike and comfort and stability of a car… As easy to use as a motorbike, but without fear of getting wet in rain, and no need to wear a helmet. Since it is the vehicle that maintains balance ? not the driver ? stability is maintained not only on curves, but on slopes and over uneven surfaces. Anyone can drive TOYOTA i-ROAD safely and comfortably.
  • Zero CO2 Emissions Makes It Very Environment Friendly This environment friendly EV is powered by lithium-ion batteries and can travel for about 50km * on one charge. * Runs for 50km on one charge: Based on constant speed of 30km/h

TOYOTA i-ROAD Main Specifications

2,345 mm
870 mm
1,455 mm
Wheel base
1,695 mm
Tire size
(Front)80/90-16 (Rear)120/90-10
Minimum turning radius
3.0 m
Japan:1   Europe:2 *1
Curb weight
300 kg*2
2 electric motors
Maximum speed
Japan: 60km/h   Europe: 45km/h *1
Cruising range on a single charge
50 km*3
Battery type
  • *1 In accordance with European regulations for vehicles in the i-Road's category
  • *2 Vehicle weight without occupants or cargo
  • *3 Target distance when traveling at a fixed speed of 30 km/h

A Futuristic Mobility, it's already on the Roads around the World

Monitoring survey conducted in the Tokyo Area
The i-ROAD has become a part of urban life. A monitoring survey was conducted in urbanized areas of Japan, mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture, from the latter part of March to the early part of June 2014. TOYOTA lent 10 i-ROAD vehicles to members of the public and specialists in various sectors. They were asked to comment in detail about ease of use and their impression of the i-ROAD’s handling performance, their satisfaction level and changes in their lifestyle due to i-ROAD.
They gave the i-ROAD a high evaluation. “It makes going out much easier.” “It motivated me to discover places I had never been to before.” “It makes it easier to drive on narrow roads.”

TOYOTA i-ROAD, as an ideal urban mobility, is also utilized in car sharing programs
October 2014 - Verification Project in Grenoble, France
Since October 2014 TOYOTA, together with several partners has participated in an ultra compact EV car sharing verification project in the City of Grenoble, France.
Numerous i-ROAD EVs are now in action amidst the beautiful scenery of Grenoble.

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March 2014 - Verification Project in Toyota City, Japan
TOYOTA is engaged in a verification project in Toyota City with its “Next Generation Urban Traffic System” which optimally links cars, one-mile mobility (Compact EVs) and public transport with the objective of attaining a low carbon society. As one aspect of this engagement, in March 2014 TOYOTA included its i-ROAD in this project. Many citizens enjoyed test-driving the i-ROAD and they expressed their surprise at the uniquely enjoyable ride experience.

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Previous concept models

  • i-Unit
  • i-Swing
  • i-REAL


The basic package for the i-Unit contains two modes: a low-speed mode and a high-speed mode. It can maneuver equally well within rooms and on ordinary streets, and was developed to offer "personal mobility" for a single driver.

Upright position in the low-speed mode
The low-speed mode enables the driver to move at eye level and at the same pace as someone on foot, making it possible for them to hold a conversation as they move. (Wheelbase: 540mm)
Reclined position in the high-speed mode
The high-speed mode allows the i-unit tobe driven in a stable, reclining position with a low center of gravity on regular roads. The styling concept for the i-unit in the high-speed mode is an F1 racecar. (Wheelbase: 1300mm)


The single-person vehicle package boasts an individual design with a "wearable" feeling. Its low-resistance urethane body is covered in cloth to soften any impact while operating near people, and an LED illumination panel can be customized to display an image to suit your mood.

When traveling in a bustling street full of people, the i-Swing can operate in a two-wheeled mode that takes up little space, so that it is possible to travel while keeping pace and talking with someone on foot. When there is a need to move quickly, the i-Swing can change to a three-wheeled mode, which is fun to travel in. In addition to the stick control, a pedal control can be used to provide a fresh cornering feeling, as you shift your body weight as if you were on skis.


Personal mobility i-REAL was developed to increase opportunities to enjoy a more rewarding lifestyle through more encounters with a variety of people and objects. The really essential functions needed for personal mobility have been conceived and designed based on untrammeled thinking.
The TOYOTA i-REAL wheelbase expands and contracts. In pedestrian areas, the wheelbase is shortened, and by adjusting the driver’s eye line with pedestrians a sensation of natural movement is achieved. In traffic areas the wheelbase is lengthened and the center of gravity is lowered to enable higher-speed travel with a sense of stability.
The i-REAL is powered by electricity, and it can travel up to 30km on one charge. The two front wheels move up and down independently in a newly developed synchronized “active lean” mechanism giving optimal control of the vehicle lean angle.
The optimal drive posture can be obtained by adjusting the drive controller. It is also provided with a communications display to view blogs and local information.